Heather Hall recently moved to the Quinte area from Brantford, Ontario with her husband and two children.  She transferred her Rotary membership to the Rotary Club of Belleville in October 2019.  On February 3rd, Heather shared a little bit about her background and her career in a Classification Talk.  As she was working on her presentation, her son Noah wanted to know what a classification talk was all about and intuitively described his mom as smart, weird, kind, pretty and knows what she's doing with furniture!
Heather grew up in Central Newfoundland, Grand Falls-Windsor, graduated high school and attended Memorial University in St. John's, four hours away from home.  She spent four years at University and earned a Bachelor of Arts with a major in French and Linguistics.  Following that she enrolled in Law School at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton and was awarded her Law Degree in 2002, twenty years ago!  She was called to the Bar in 2003 and did her articling in Ottawa at a bilingual firm where she discovered practicing law in French versus speaking French were very different.  In 2004 she joined Waterous Holden Amey Hitchon, LLP as partner and spent fifteen years there doing civil litigation exclusively -- employment litigation, estate litigation and personal injury.  Her favourite practice area was personal injury, medical malpractice and spending many hours reading medical reports.  In 2019, Heather made the difficult decision to step back as a litigator where she was extremely busy and with her husband, they decided to relocate to this area.  Heather has family here and in 2015, they had purchased a place in Prince Edward County and spent their summers here and then ultimately decided to move right before COVID started.  They love the way of life here.  Both her children have joined the Batawa Ski Racing Team and Heather is looking forward to getting back to work in the legal world.  For the past two years, Heather has been teaching her children at home and hopes to become more involved in Rotary.  For starters she will be working on a fundraising idea that was successful with Brantford Rotary called Clowns for Kids, raising $500,000.  Sam Brady thanked Heather for her presentation and welcomed her officially to our community, to the Rotary Club and to Batawa, where Heather's children and Sam's daughter are on the same ski team.