Due to the escalating tragedy of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis that is unfolding, the Rotary Club of Belleville convened a special meeting of the Board to determine next steps in support.  Beyond the funds already allocated by the International Service Committee to Shelter Box and the Red Cross, a special ask has been made of Spending Committee Chairs for any funds that could be made available from their budgets that have not yet been currently allocated or to be spent that could be directed to the International Service Committee, who will seek out the best avenues for allocating funds, with the goal of receiving matching grants for those donations.  The Rotary Club of Belleville will investigate through the 2022/2023 budget process the potential for an allocation of support in our next Rotary year to deal with the ongoing challenges this situation is creating.  Bob Wallace the Director of the Rotary Foundation for District 7070 has advised of various vehicles that Rotary Clubs can use to support the people of the Ukraine.  Currently the Rotary Club of Toronto is donating $15,000 towards Ukraine Aid via ShelterBox Canada and an additional $15,000 has been set up for a dollar for dollar matching grant campaign.  Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) have pledged to mobilize a minimum of 400 Humanitarian Medical Kits.  Each HMK consists of 600 treatments that will provide medical aid to Ukrainians in need.  All Rotarians received a letter from Bob Wallace that outlined three (3) recommendations for Rotary Clubs looking to provide support for the Ukraine.  The District 7070 Foundation Committee has proposed that the District will match all Rotarian and club donations to the Disaster Response Fund up to $25,000.  In addition, it was decided that we would also receive donations from the club membership and you can donate through Club Runner and would augment these funds with other funds in the club made available to the International Service Committee to maximize the contribution from our club to relief efforts for the people of Ukraine displaced by this act of aggression by Russia.
The situation in Ukraine is simply heart breaking and Rotary sees the urgent need to respond and provide immediate support and relief.  Thank you for your consideration and support for the people of the Ukraine during this extremely challenging period of time. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact President Darrell Smith, President-Elect Cory MacKay, Vice President Peter Malone or International Service Committee Co-Chairs Dr. Ruth Mathieson or Rotarian Terry Thomas about opportunities for assistance.