Presentation of Rotary Star Award and Warrior Pin to long-term Rotarian, Dr. Harold (Hal) Wilson, for his commitment and dedication to the Rotary Club of Belleville.
The Rotary Star is a way to recognize Club member engagement in the Rotary Club of Belleville.  A Rotary Star and its accompanying Warrior Pin can only be earned through effort.  The Warrior Pin cannot be purchased at any District Assembly or Conference Trade Show.  When a Rotarian earns one, it is never traded or sold.  The Warrior Pin recognizes the Rotary light that exists in all of us......hence the recipient is a Rotary Star.  Past recipients include Arie Korteweg, Tracy Bray, Elizabeth Grew, Lola Reid Allin, Nadine Langlois, Shannon Neely, Jamie Trudeau, Christopher Finkle, Vince Lynch, Randy Coker, Eric Thompson, Michael Summers and Cory MacKay. 
Today, President Darrell was very pleased to present Dr. Harold (Hal) Wilson with a Warrior Pin, recognizing his 39 years of engaged service to the Rotary Club of Belleville and the community.  Over the years, Hal served on various committees including the Rotary Student Exchange Program, Head Table, Fellowship, Reception and the Rotary Scholarship Committee.  He also served as President of the Club in 1988 to 1989.  Hal's greatest contribution to Rotary might very well have been his always warm welcome to all Rotarians and visitors as they came to our regular lunch meetings and his sense of humour.  He has invariably touched all of us as Rotarians through his presence and engagement in Rotary and through his many activities outside of Rotary, celebrating with many of us on our happiest days and being a very important support on our worst days.  Darrell was pleased to award this Warrior Pin to Hal while at the same time, was sorry to have to announce his decision to retire from Rotary.  Congratulations are in order.  A job well done!