Following the Santa Claus Parade and Rotary's feature of their Reindeer Park, Peter Malone advises that the Rotary Reindeer herd is feasting away at Corby Rose Garden for the holiday season.  This is the third year in the making of the Rotary Reindeers and the City of Belleville have been great supporters of this project.  If all goes well this year, the City are happy to let us erect this display each year following the Sata Claus parade.
A few of the reindeer numbers are spending time with Rotarian friends and some are back with their generous donor families for the holiday, so the herd is a little smaller than can be seen at the Santa Claus parade.  Here's looking forward to the community enjoying this display over the holidays and enjoying some Rotary holiday cheer.  Peter thanked all who supported the committee with the reindeer park each year.