The September 16, 2021 Rotary meeting was held at the Lions Pavilion, West Zwick's Park at 5:00 p.m.  A lovely evening under the protection of the pavilion with social distancing and COVID protocols in place.  President Darrell Smith took the opportunity to recognize a number of Rotarians for their work in the community as well as formally welcoming new Rotarians and giving out perfect attendance pins and Paul Harris Fellow recognition.
Back in August 2020, then District Governor Mark Chipman identified some Super Heroes in our community, two of whom happen to be Rotarians.  DG Chipman named Cory MacKay, Susan Finkle and Chris Finkle as officially declared Rotary Heroes for their commitment, dedication and spirit to uphold the ideals of doing good in the world.  During 2020, Chris and Susan Finkle started a community project to make protective equipment for front line workers in the form of face shields.  Between 5,000 and 6,000 face shields were supplied free to long term care facilities in the community through their efforts and that of their team members.  Around the same time, Cory MacKay converted her home into a mask making endeavour, working along with a group of friends and volunteers.  This initiative was a fundraiser for Rotary with donations welcome at $10 per mask.  The money donated went towards COVID-19 costs.  A number of designs were developed as well as children's masks, all approved by Quinte Healthcare.  Official Super Hero Award certificates were distributed to Cory, Susan and Chris. (pictured is Cory MacKay accepting her Super Hero Award from President Darrell).
The Rotary Club of Belleville, once again, formally welcomed some new members to the Club.  Kim Henry, Janeen Halliwell, Paul Fleming, Stephan Brault, Vicki Smith and Peter Coy joined the Club late in 2020 and earlier this year, all sponsored by Rotarians and already contributing time and effort to Rotary initiatives.  Welcome aboard! (pictured are Janeen Halliwell and Paul Fleming, both sponsored by Kristin Crowe).
Rotarians who achieved 100% perfect attendance in the 2020/2021 Rotary Year were also recognized -- Karen Baker, Tim McKinney, Carol-Lynn Michaud, Jeanette Minaker, Randy Coker, Bob Ord, Kim Henry, Rosie Ouellette, Nadine Langlois, Margaret Seu, Tracy Bray, Bill MacKay, Cory MacKay, Darrell Smith, Brenda Snider, Peter Malone, Dianne Spencer, Ruth Mathieson, Michael Summers, Sharon McConnell and Jo-Anne Wheeler.  A great group of Rotarians, all committed to Rotary.
Paul Harris Fellow awards are given to Rotarians who have contributed $1,000 during the year towards the Rotary Foundation.  Adrian Hilmi, Darrell Smith and Michael Summers were recognized for their contributions to the Rotary Foundation over the past year. (pictured are Darrell Smith and Michael Summers).
There were other awards warranted, but recipients were not in attendance and President Darrell Smith will present to those Rotarians in the days ahead with appropriate mention in the Rotary newsletters to follow.