The Travelodge was the host site of our annual Rotary Christmas Dinner attended by almost 100 Rotarians, partners and spouses of Rotarians.  President Andrew though an official club meeting advised there was little formality to the night and encouraged those in attendance to enjoy the fellowship and spirit of the season.  President Andrew opened the dinner with a seasonal Rotary prayer.
A festive Christmas dinner was prepared and served to the attendees and enjoyed by all.

John and Wanda Chisholm at the conclusion of dinner led those in attendance in a carole sing of Christmas favourites, and a prelude to the annual tradition of the Children's Choir treating to us a selection of Christmas caroles and hymns.  Before the choir began, long time Rotarian and Choir Director Rudy Heidjens who has retired as main conductor of the Children's Choir and now works only with the Training Choir advised this is the first Rotary Christmas dinner he has actually been able to eat and he enjoyed that. The choir now under the direction of Rudy's long time assistant and also a previous choir member herself performed a number of Christmas songs for our enjoyment and the group accompanied the Choir in singing Silent Night after the Choir sang the first verse in German.  
Again a very enjoyable way for Rotarians and their guests to enjoy fellowship and the spirit of the season and a great time was had by all.