Across Rotary International, membership numbers are stagnating, and in North America they are in decline.  From roughly 1995 to the present, Rotary International has experience these trends.
Pertaining to the Rotary Club of Belleville, our numbers look better than average.  Our club has been slowly growing over the past few years as we do well to recruit new members.  However, as a club, member retention remains an issue and it is the biggest reason why our club’s growth rate is not higher.
To address retention, it is important to remind members that we do great things for our communities as well as internationally, while providing value to members at the same time.  This includes: personal growth, professional development, family growth and fellowship, among other things.
Bob says, to increase membership think of attracting new members, not recruiting.  Make it relevant by telling prospects why they need Rotary, not why Rotary needs them.  Bob recommends that a committee is formed to tackle this issue.
“Remember, the more numbers we have the more people we can help!”