Howdy Porchfesters –
I wanted to thank all of you for your contribution to making Porchfest 2022 the best one yet.
Our artists were talented, energetic, and amazing.  Our generous hosts were accommodating and welcoming to both artists and patrons.  Thank you. Thanks to our neighbours for their understanding as well.  Large crowds and lots of loud music isn’t for everyone (but we sure like it).
We have to thank the City of Belleville, and in particular the Mayor’s Office for their help and assistance with Porchfest.  We’ll be sure to ask for more toilets for next year as the crowds overwhelmed the port-o-potties provided.
We also have to thank Snap360 (Ken and Dan) for taking care of our technology needs.  We could not pull off Porchfest without their generous support and volunteer contributions.
Thanks to Arden’s Music for the wonderful offer to tune up guitars for all Porchfest participants.  That’ll keep them busy!
Belleville Downtown District helped us with promotion and design of the Map(s), AND were instrumental in creating the festive vibe in Downtown Belleville for the Afterparty.  Luisa and Danielle – THANK YOU.  Drawing more residents and tourists to our Downtown benefits us all.
Lastly – thanks to the Rotary Club of Belleville for its ongoing commitment to this event, and for encouraging its further development and growth.
It’s not perfect.  We like to keep it really simple and grass roots – but it is a wonderful day for our community.  Some folks want it to be longer.  Some folks want it to be staggered over a couple of days.  Hey – we’ll take everything into consideration and appreciate constructive criticism and ideas.
Mark your calendars; Porchfest 2023 will be Saturday, September 23rd, 2023.  Registration for next year’s event will open in June 2023.
Again – thanks for your part (small or large) in making that happen.
Rock the Porch!
Sam Brady
Chair – Porchfest