From time to time through the year, we have carried on a tradition started last year by Past President Paul VandeGraaf who initiated Warrior Pins for deserving Rotarians…this year we have added the idea of Rotary Star in keeping with the current year’s theme of “Light Up Rotary”. Being named a Rotary Star is a way of recognizing member engagement. A Rotary Star and its accompanying Warrior pin can only be earned through effort. You cannot buy these at any District Assembly or Conference trade show, when you earn one you will never trade it or sell it. It recognizes the Rotary light that exists in all of us….hence the recipient is a Rotary Star.
President Len called on Elizabeth Grew, a real Rotary Star and a Rotarian since 1997, carrying on a truly amazing number of roles during her Rotary career. This year she is a member of the Community Grants Committee, (and she's been a member since 1997, including Chair 2000-2005 and Secretary 2005-2008). She is a founding member of AIDS Action Committee, International Service  Committee, including First Nations Committee; sitting on all since they began in 2004; Elizabeth sits on the Music Festival Committee and the Literacy Committee for the past 4 years. With Literacy, the Global Grant Application has been the main focus where Elizabeth has shown great care and attention to detail and patience, needed to usher along the complicated grant application process. We appreciate the efforts of Elizabeth and Sharon McConnell stewarding this process. Elizabeth has served on the Board 2 years, 2009-11. She also volunteers in club initiatives such as Rotary Loves Kids and Camp Merrywood this year, and contributes actively to various other activities and fundraisers which we sponsor as well as taking advantage of training and development opportunities.
Looking back, Elizabeth considers the progress the club has made in extending the service focus to our community and to the world to be truly amazing…the reality is its only through efforts of Rotarians like her that we are able to accomplish so much! Congratulations to Elizabeth as the Rotary Club of Belleville recognizes her achievements.