Current RCB President Kelly McKinney and Current Treasurer Andrew Bandler presided over the 2014/15 AGM in the absence of Past President Len Kennedy who was attending a funeral and past treasurer who was home tending to sick children.  President Kelly opened the meeting by drawing attention to information including agendas left on tables for the membership.
President Kelly asked for a motion to approve the agenda, so moved by Bill Mackay and seconded by Sam Brady and approved by the membership.
President Kelly introduced treasurer Andrew who presented the audited financial statements and asked our auditor Mike McMurray of Welch and Company (pictured here) who presented a financial recap of the 2014/15 Rotary year.
Mike drew attention to the membership of the financial statements on the tables.  Mike indicated that general account revenues had increased by $23,000 from 13/14 Rotary year to $122,382 and general account expenditures had grown by $3,900 to $133,945. This presented a deficit on the general account of $11,563 versus a deficit of $30,141 in 2013/14.
In the service account Mike indicated that revenues increased by $51,000 to 296,925 and service account expenditures grew by $5,150 to $217,253 for a surplus in the service account of $79,672 versus 33,233 in 13/14.
Mike indicated total balances were $715,149.
Questions were fielded from the floor relating to financials.
Bernie Ouellet asked about the Music Festival and significant inclusion versus previous year and Mike advised that these funding streams and expenditures were brought into the general account from separate banking that had not been previously consolidated into the revenues and expenditures of the club.
Karen Baker asked a question about funding for Rotary Foundation and was advised it was split between the general and service accounts.
Having no further questions, Treasurer Andrew moved that the 2014/15 audited financial statements be accepted as presented, seconded by John Smale, voted on by membership and approved.
Andrew discussed auditors for 2015/16 recommending the retention of Welch and Company as our auditors, moved by Dave Allen, seconded by Ray McCoy, voted on by membership and approved.
Past President Len Kennedy prepared an Annual Report to Members for the 2014 - 2015 Rotary Year, summarizing key activities and results of the Rotary Club of Belleville.  One of the highlights was receiving a Presidential Citation Award, one that rightfully should be called a Club Citation Award as it takes the efforts of many to meet the criteria set down by Ri President Gary C. K. Huang.  This award was presented by District Governor Brian Thompson on behalf of Rotary International.  Our Club achieved club goals in the area of eradication of polio; support for Rotary Foundation, building membership and getting our stories out to enhance our club's public image.  Full particulars of both financial statement and 2014/15 Annual Report to Members available on club website.