The Budget Committee, consisting of Karen Baker, Peter Coy, Paul Fleming, Andrew Kole, Peter Malone, Rosi Ouellette and Darrell Smith have been working hard to put together the operating and service budgets for the 2023-2024 Rotary Year.  The Committee met in person and online to develop these budgets and they were approved by the Board of Directors at their Meeting on May 16, 2023.
Vice President Karen Baker, soon to be President Elect as of July 1st presented the budget package at the lunch meeting on May 25th and entertained questions from the floor.  A few highlights and special mentions of upcoming plans include resuming the 50/50 meeting draw as of July 2023 to generate interest as the pot grows.  An easy contribution budgeted at $2,000 as Operations Revenue.  The Public Relations line item is budgeted to include the development, printing and purchase of items to increase the community's awareness of Rotary and all the projects that are carried out.  This is one of the themes that came out of the Refresh Rotary survey results and session on May 3rd.  The budget for Membership Recruitment and Retention has been increased, again as a result of the survey and membership input.  It should be noted that all committees who submitted a budget request for their committee's work were funded to the amount requested.  A new budget line item -- Public Image was added with a $4,000 budget to purchase materials for long term use to increase the image and visibility of Rotary beginning in 2023-2024.  A Public Image Director has been identified and is in the process of developing a Public Image Plan.  The budget provided is not expected to be at the same level in the future.  The Rotary Club of Belleville made a $100,000 commitment to the new YMCA build and some budgets and spending areas have been adjusted to assist in that commitment over the next three (3) years.  Both the operating budget and the service budget came in with small amounts to the good.
The Rotary Club of Belleville does a tremendous amount of work, both in the community and around the world through Rotary International and the efforts of each Rotarian to raise funds to continue these much needed efforts is to be noted.  To support disaster relief, Polio Plus, Camp Merrywood, Special Needs Children, Hospice Quinte, YMCA, Kids Against Hunger, the Children's Foundation, Clowns for Kids, Food for Learning, the Rotary Music Festival and other community needs is just a few areas where Rotary is front and center.
President Darrell Smith thanked Karen Baker for organizing and putting together a well laid out budget for today's meeting, noting that the Club has made concerted efforts to move financial stewardship to a positive place.  Most recently the Board approved support through the Red Cross to support Canadians impacted by wildfires.  Thank you to every Rotarian for their on-going efforts and contributions to the work of Rotary, here and abroad.  An email will be forwarded to everyone to vote on this budget and someone committed to donating a happy buck (dollar) for every person who votes.