Darrell Smith introduced himself as the first two time President or Darrell Smith, the sequel.  Made in jest, but Darrell was very much appreciative of the support from members of the Club in this our 103rd year of Service to the local and global community.  Obviously, Darrell did not expect that he would stand again as President of the Rotary Club of Belleville and start his second Rotary Year.  As we move out of COVID-19 related shutdowns to a hybrid meeting structure, Darrell is looking forward to seeing more folks in person with an opportunity to rekindle friendships and fellowship.  Overall, the Rotary Club of Belleville and Rotary International have come a long way in creating a more inclusive environment and this can be seen at Rotary's most senior level of leadership as RI welcomes the first woman President, Jennifer Jones of Windsor-Roseland. 
Darrell thanked Past President Tim McKinney, President-Elect Peter Malone, VP and Treasurer Karen Baker and Secretary Jo-Anne Wheeler for serving the Club with their passion, dedication and experience and continuing on with their roles.  He thanked returning Directors Terry Thomas, Tracey Vandervoort, Collin Myers and Sam Reid for providing essential leadership to the Club.  Darrell welcomed four new incoming Directors Rosi Ouellette, Heather Hall, Brenda Snider and Anya-Deane Best for their willingness to participate on the Board for the coming Rotary year.
Rotary International's theme adopted by RI President Jennifer Jones is Imagine Rotary, asking Rotarians around the world to dream big and take action.  Imagine a world that deserves our best, where we know each day when we wake up we make a difference.  And Darrell challenged all of us as Rotarians to do just that.
Following Darrell's presentation, Dave Allen, RLK Co-Chair brought everyone up-to-date on RLK - July 22nd, 20 years after Bob Clute and Wolf Tausenfrend created the first fundraising golf tournament for the Rotary Club of Belleville.  It is the Club's biggest fundraiser, having raised close to $2,000,000 and that warrants a real celebration!  July 22nd promises to be a wonderful experience.  Black Bear is full, however there are tee times available at Trillium and people can register on-line.  There will be fun activities too -- cheese curds and beer and some story telling, ice cream and other treats.  Don't miss out!  Party on the Bay at West Zwick's is a separate event (golfers get tickets) .  Entertainment by the Impish Grins of Sam Brady fame.  With a goal of 400 to 500 people attending, volunteers are  needed to sell 50/50 tickets, bartending, set-up and close down.  Please reach out to Peter Malone to put your name on the list to help!  This is a community event, long overdue and people are itching to celebrate. 
Next up was Ken Wheeler, Chair of Diners and Duffers, first giving accolades to Dave Allen and Cassandra Bonn, Co-chairs of RLK, the envy of the District.  Hugh Campbell originally chaired Diners and Duffers and then Jeanette Minaker and Ken took it over about five years ago.  This year 450 books were printed and they are sold out!  A special shout-out to Tracy Bray who sold 65 books, Jamie Trudeau who sold in excess of 40 books.  The main outlet is Dewe's, now McDowell's with 240 books in sales.  The past two years have been challenging, but we are now on a roll with a goal of $20,000 in revenue each year going forward!