President Andrew Bandler called the 2017/2018 AGM to order.  Moved by Andrew Bandler, seconded by Shannon Neely that the agenda of the 2017/2018 AGM be approved as circulated.  
President Andrew called Treasurer Darrell Smith to present the 2017/18 Audited Financial Statements and Darrell called our Auditor Michael McMurray from Welch LLP who presented the 2017/2018 Financial Statements to the club.  Michael advised that 2017/18 figures showed a consistency versus 2016/2017 operating revenues and expenses with a slight improvement year over year of an increase in the operating account surplus of approximately $5,000 versus 2016/2017 audited results.
Michael then reported on the Service account for the 17/18 Rotary year and noted a deficit of $47,811 of service revenues versus expenditures and this indicated an improvement of results versus budgeted service account deficit and an improvement versus the 16/17 Rotary year of approximately $12,000 when a $59,747 deficit was realized in the service account.
MIchael talked about the audited statements and the first page of the audited financial statements represents the auditors' opinion which is the statements represent fairly the receipts and disbursements of the Rotary Club of Belleville during the 2017/2018 Rotary year.
Darrell thanked MIchael for his presentation and fielded questions from the membership about the financial statements including a discussion around the deficit in the Service account and was in actuality not as bad as indicated as included the Capital Grants committee and support of community projects of $40,000 which was funded from our long term investment assets and did not have a corresponding revenue inclusion. Questions were asked about the support of the Rotary Music Festival Committee and advised in consultation with the executive of the Music Committee with the significant bank account balances that they were privy to that they could continue for this year without a cash influx and still undertake their desired programming objectives.  With no further questions, Darrell moved the acceptance of the 2017/2018 audited financial statements, seconded by  Sam Brady and then approved by the membership in attendance.
Darrell then moved that Welch LLP be appointed as auditors for the 2018/2019 Rotary year, seconded by  Sam Brady and voted on and approved by the membership in attendance.
President Andrew thanked Darrell for the presentation of the financial statements and called on Past President Tracy Bray to provide her report to the club of her year as Rotary Club of Belleville President.  One of the highlights for Tracy was the large group of Belleville Rotarians who attended the International Convention in Toronto and hosting of 12 Rotarians from around the world at the Royal Yacht Club in Toronto.  Tracy talked about the Community Paul Harris where 3 new community members were awarded Paul Harris Fellowships for their community engagement.  Other highlights for Tracy were a very successful RLK that raised $100,000 and very positive results for other fundraising efforts for the Rotary Aids Walk raising $37,000, Diners and Duffers netting just under $10,000.  Tracy talked about the 50th Anniversary of the Rotary Music Festival and the Festival of Stars at Albert College recognizing the efforts of a number of the participants.  The Music Festival had over 200 participants in a number of categories. Tracy talked about classification talks that occurred during her year and also an initiative to have speakers who reflected our outreach efforts both locally and internationally which provided the club a first hand understanding of the impact of our support on the lives of others.
Tracy closed her presentation thanking all Rotarians for their efforts and moved the acceptance of her report, seconded by John Smale and voted on and approved by the membership in attendance.
Tracy then undertook her last role as President was to introduce the 2019/2020 Board for the Rotary Club of Belleville. Before she introduced the 2019/2020 Board, she thanked retiring Directors Adam Zegouras and Drew Brown for their efforts and commitments to the Rotary Club during their long tenures
Past President Andrew Bandler
President: Doug Peterson
President;Elect; Tim McKinney
Vice President: To be determined by Board at a subsequent meeting
Secretary: Brenda Snider
Treasurer: Darrell Smith
Board of Directors
Karen Baker
Collin Myers
Cory MacKay
Jeanette Minaker
Randy Coker
Ashley Rushnell: New Board Member
Peter Malone: New Board Member
John Smale: New Board Member
Tracy asked for a motion to accept the slate of directors the 19/20 Rotary year, moved by Kelly McKinney, seconded by Len Kennedy, and voted on and approved.
President Andrew then moved to adjourn the AGM, seconded by Bruce Flynn and approved.