This week as a club we held our AGM for the recently completed 2016/2017 Rotary year under the stewardship of President Shannon Neely. Before the AGM, Rotarian Richard Tie led us in a festive rendition of Jingle Bells.  President Tracy Bray opened the AGM and moved the approval of the agenda, seconded by Kelly McKinney. Voted on and approved.
President Tracy called Treasurer Darrell Smith to the podium and he introduced the club's auditor Michael McMurray of Welch and Company who presented the audited financial statements of the club for the recently completed Rotary year. He highlighted financial performance and full particulars are available on the Rotary website.  Michael reported that operating revenues were down from the previous year and totalled $95,000 and disbursements were down slightly at $109,810 and resulted in an operating account deficit for the year of $14,825 an increase over the previous year operating account deficit of $6,940.
Michael reported that service club revenues decreased by $27,000 from previous year to $229,040 and club service expenditures decreased slightly to $288,787 but increased overall  service deficit to $59,747 from $34,616 in 16/17 Rotary year.  Michael did advise that a large part of the deficit could be depicted via Capital Spending committee which allocated $49,125 into the community in major capital expenditures which PP Shannon Neely would discuss in more detail in his report.
Randy Coker asked Michael about the capital spending committee and Michael deferred to Shannon's presentation.
Treasurer Darrell moved the approval of the 16/17 audited financial statements, seconded by Ian Acton and approved by members in attendance. Treasurer Darrell moved that Welch and Co LLP be approved as auditors for the 17/18 Rotary year, seconded by Karen Baker and approved by members in attendance.
President Tracy called Past President Shannon Neely to the podium to present his annual report which is available on the Club website and is the formal completion of his duties as Rotary President.  A few highlights that PP Shannon drew to the club's attention included his attendance at the Seoul International Convention along with Rotarians Ruth Mathieson and Margaret Seu who made the very long, but exciting trip to the convention.  PP Shannon thanked the club for providing him the opportunity to attend.
PP Shannon talked about the first successful full year of the Satellite Club including their fundraising efforts for minor hockey and the Children's  Treatment Centre at BGH, the playground project raising over $18,000 combined for the 2 projects. Rotarian Tim McKinney became the first satellite member to present his classification talk.  PP Shannon noted Len Kennedy's award as a Rotary Foundation Major Donor and the recognition received at his last meeting as President, when Past RI President Wilf Wilkinson presented Len with his award.  PP Shannon was pleased with the successful return to the Travelodge for the lunch meetings. Other highlights of PP Shannon's year he drew to the club's attention included Paul Harris Community awards and 4 new inductees, the money spent providing essential medical equipment and supports for special needs children in the community and the work of the Capital Grants committee which provided significant capital funds to support major initiatives at Habitat for Humanity for 2 home builds, $5,000 to Children's Safety Village, $5,000 to the Quinte Arts Council, $9,000 to the KGH NICU and $10,000 to the BGH Children's Playground Project. PP Shannon highlighted many more club accomplishments during the past Rotary year.  He moved the acceptance of his report,  seconded by Hugh Campbell and voted on and approved.
PP  Shannon then discussed the decision to change the constitution to revise the process for election to the Board of Directors and that it was to seek out people who wanted to participate in the Board as opposed to those who wished to opt out.  A full  board slate was presented with the following people allowing their names to stand --Drew Brown, Jeannette  Minaker, Tim McKinney, Colin Myers, Randy Coker, Karen Baker, Cory McKay, Adam Zegouras. Brenda Snider has allowed her name to stand for a 2 year term as secretary.  Executive of the Club for the 18/19 Rotary Year are as follows --PP Tracy Bray, President Andrew Bandler, President-Elect Doug Peterson, Vice-president to be voted on by the Board,  Treasurer Darrell Smith, Secretary Brenda Snider. 
PP Shannon moved the acceptance of the slate of Directors for 2018/19, seconded by Hal Wilson and approved by members in attendance.
President Tracy Bray then moved for the adjournment of the  2016/2017 Rotary Club of Belleville AGM, seconded by Chris Finkle.