The Rotary Club of Belleville held its 15/16 AGM during our regular weekly  lunch meeting on the 12th of December.  President  Shannon Neely called the AGM to order at 12:32 pm. Asking for a motion to approve the circulated agenda, moved by Hal Wilson and seconded by Ian Acton and approved by the members in attendance.  Shannon introduced  Treasurer Andrew Bandler who presented the circulated financial report and called on our auditor Mike McMurray partner at Welch and Company to present the financial report. A full financial report will be available on the  club website and Mike presented a financial synopsis of our 2015/2016 Rotary year.
 In the General Account, revenues decreased by approximately $14,000 to $108,440 versus 2015 which  reflected primarily a one time reimbursement of website costs as a donation in 2015.
Disbursements in the General Account decreased by approximately $18,000 versus 2015 Rotary year and resulted in a reduction of the deficit on the general account from $11,000 in 2015 to $6,940 for the 16 Rotary year.
Service Revenues in 2015/16 were $256,000 down $48,000 from the 14/15 Rotary year predominantly 1x item receipts received for specific initiatives in 14/15.
Service Disbursements were up $66,000 to $291,475 versus 14/15 and reflected a large one time item of  $66,000 to the Amorak Society and created a deficit in the Service Account of $34,000 versus a surplus of $79,672 in the 2014/15 Rotary year.
Assets at the end of the 15/16 Rotary year were $680,533 predominantly held in GICs, the Parrot trust and other investments with  $180,359 held in bank accounts.
There were no questions from the  membership and a motion put forward by Keith Stansfield and seconded by Carol Feeney to accept the 15/16 Financial Statements was approved.
Treasurer Andrew then asked for a motion to approve Welch and Company as our auditors for the 16/17 Rotary year and was moved by Sam Brady and seconded by John Smale, and approved by the membership.
President Shannon called upon Past President Kelly McKinney to provide his annual  report to the club.  PP Kelly started off by commenting that at the beginning of his tenure he asked us as  club members to do less and was happy that in the end we had not listened to him as he provided a recap of some of the significant events realized within our club during the past Rotary year. A full depiction of Kelly's  report will be on the club website and here are  just a few of the items that Kelly highlighted to the club during his  presentation.
Presidential Citation award to the club for meeting RI objectives for  the year, which Kelly thinks should be renamed as not a President's award it is a club award.
District Leadership awards presented to Len Kennedy, Adam Zegouras and the two certificates ADG Ken Dickson presented earlier in the meeting to Dave Allen and John Sherratt.
Community Paul Harris awards presented to Dr. Aruna Alexander, James Hurst and Suzanne Quinlan.
Our work in the community through Special Needs Children Committee and Christmas party, Community Grants and Camp Merrywood and the many hours manning the Christmas Kettle for the Salvation Army and their biggest kettle location to name a few.
Through International Service, grants to First Nations of  $8,000, Kids Against Hunger and AIDs Action committee and $28,000 put into AIDS related programs.
$55,000 spent to better human conditions in the world, ranging from Mexico to  Jordan to Uganda and Fort McMurray Alberta after the community was ravaged by wild fires.
Continued support of youth through the Mayors of the Week, Rotary Music Festival, inbound and outbound exchange students, bursaries to the 8 local high schools and supporting RYLA at Loyalist College.
Successful fundraising events such as RLK, Rotary Poker Walk for Aids, Christmas Hams, Diners and Duffers and Waterfront Beverage Service that facilitate all of outreach efforts locally and globally.
Again a very successful year of Service Above Self by the members of the Rotary Club of Belleville in a year we were asked to do less and rose to the challenge by doing more.