Our Rotary Exchange Student from France, Gaspard, returned home with his family on Friday, August 2nd after a wonderful year with the Brady's, by all accounts.  Ian Acton was able to present Gaspard with a Belleville Senators jersey and hat and a Your TV polo shirt and camera bag.  Gaspard spent some time with Ian Acton as a crew member filming some local events so these memories are very important to him.  A huge thank you to Sam and his wife Ann-Marie and their children for hosting Gaspard for the year.  In Sam's words, Gaspard was a special guest and part of their family and did get spoiled.  Gaspard was encouraged to keep in touch.  He has a Roster so is able to do that.  He plans to finish school and then go on to culinary school so perhaps he will be able to come back to Belleville as part of the Men Who Cook initiative!  All the best to Gaspard and his family as they return home.