The last formal Strategic Plan was put together for the 2002 - 2003 Rotary Year under then President Stephen McCurdy.  A mission statement was created at that time "to assist and promote the youth within our community to realize their fullest academic, social and human potential".  
Eighteen (18) years later and President Tim McKinney appointed a committee to create a new Strategic Plan that would outline the objectives or mission of the Club in order to allow a more focused approach in responding to requests or concentrating on a service activity.  Co-chaired by Jeanette Minaker and Jo-Anne Wheeler, the members of the committee include President Tim McKinney, President Elect Darrell Smith, Vice President Cory MacKay, Past President Doug Peterson, Randy Coker, Rosie Ouellette, John Smale and Brenda Snider.
In February 2020 a survey was sent out to Club Members for their input to specific questions.  Sixty-six responses were received, representing 59% of the club membership.  The questions asked at that time were:
  • Why do you come to Rotary?  If you are not coming, why don't you come?
  • What is the one thing Rotary could do better?
  • What would you like to see more or less of?
In addition to the survey responses, notes from the November 2017 Visioning Meeting facilitated by Past President Andrew Bandler were also reviewed.  The committee looked at what a strategic planning process should include as well as the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement.  Prominent strengths were identified:
  • Fellowship/friendships
  • Internal relationship building
  • Service, helping in the community
  • Social connections
  • Networking
  • Local community improvement
  • Communication of what's happening, accomplishments, achievements
  • Learning/education through guest speakers
  • Fun/entertainment
  • International, global impact (we can do more!)
Several suggestions were made to encourage members to attend meetings on a regular basis.  This is more difficult under the current COVID restrictions, but it was noted that communication was key in reaching out to fellow Rotarians and to encourage members to get involved in committees of which there are many opportunities to engage in Rotary.  There were many suggestions that the Strategic Planning Committee have noted to ensure these ideas are put into practise as soon as practical.  In answer to the question "what could Rotary do better?", communication which was identified as a strength was also identified as an opportunity and implementing a plan is necessary.
After reviewing the Club's existing mission statement, the Strategic Planning Committee felt that the Rotary International Vision Statement met the goals of Rotary and a recommendation was made to the Rotary Board of Directors that the following be adopted and utilized going forward.
"Together, we see the world where people unite and take action to create lasting change - across the globe, in our communities and in ourselves"
The Strategic Planning Committee incorporated their findings from the club survey and keeping in mind the Avenues of Service and Areas of Focus, developed three (3) key objectives for the current and future Presidents to assist them in developing their strategic plan or goals for their specific year.  The strategic directions and planning for each year will hopefully keep a focus of what we as a Club can accomplish for the Rotary Year.  The three key objectives are:
  • creating awareness through action
  • strengthening membership
  • connecting Rotary through service
President Tim will speak to his year as President in June, but did comment on the fact that his goals included increasing membership, updating the Strategic Plan and establishing a Strategic Plan Committee, introduce new initiatives such as Rotary Loves Trees and establishing an Environmental Action Committee.  A personal goal was to attend Camp Merrywood this year, but unfortunately that did not happen due to COVID.  He is attending the District Conference, virtually, in June.
President Elect Darrell Smith thanked Jeanette and Jo-Anne for all their work in putting this presentation together.  Darrell's primary goal in his Rotary Year will be to meet face to face, depending on provincial guidelines and re-engage all members of the Club.  Rotary International's objective is to increase membership from the current 1.2 million members and have set a goal for June 2022 to reach 1.3 million members.  Engagement is our primary goal, despite the challenge of COVID.  Darrell's goal will be to add five (5) new net members to the Rotary Club of Belleville by June 2022.
Vice President Cory MacKay whose Rotary Year will be 2022 - 2023 thanked Jeanette and Jo-Anne for putting together this Strategic Plan, a living, breathing document.  Cory would like to celebrate the contributions of all members and strengthen participation on committees.  In order to get satisfaction, remaining engaged is relevant.
And Past President Doug Peterson provided an official thank you to the team of Jeanette and Jo-Anne for their amazing work.  Very well organized and provides a great foundation for the future of the Club.  The full Strategic Plan presentation is available on Clubrunner.