Posted by Mark Bishop and Mike Henry
Thank You for 12 great years of fundraising support of the ROTARY POKER WALK for HIV/AIDS.  We are sending this letter out to our data base and hope you receive this in the spirit it was meant to convey. You may have been a walker on a team or a corporate sponsor or a pledge supporter and we appreciate that you have helped the Rotary Club of Belleville together with a number of Rotary clubs in the GTA to raise almost $850,000 over the past 12 years.
With your help we want to keep going to help those infected and affected.
100% of that money was directed towards local, national and worldwide organizations vetted by Rotarians to help with the cause and the goal of eventually eliminating the
HIV/AIDS pandemic.  We think you should know where we have spent the $36,000 you helped us to raise last year. You will see the list is quite diverse with recipients receiving money not just for medical care but for a variety of needs.
Lesotho- Training 40 teachers to teach children about HIV/AIDS
Malawi- To help Dignitas to continue to support and educate HIV Positive teenagers
Eastern Ontario- To help HARS with transportation costs for HIV clients in Belleville / Kingston
Africa- To support the Quinte Grannies for Africa to help grannies and children through the Stephen Lewis Foundation
Toronto- Support of HIV clients at Casey House
We are making steady progress in battling this epidemic. It is no longer the automatic death sentence it was when we started. It can now be treated.   We would love for you to be part of this year’s campaign as a ”virtual walker”, a fundraiser, or a donor.
See how easy it is, visit:
We wanted to make it as easy as possible to make a donation without clicking around a website - all you have to do is hit “make a donation now” and voila you will receive an auto send tax receipt for a pledge of $20 or more.
Please mark your calendar for SATURDAY APRIL 27th, Registration starts at 9am at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre for the “Virtual Walk”, the Red Ribbon Game”, great poker prizes, snacks and coffee and a lot of fun with a terrific group of friends and neighbours.