Posted by Dr. Ruth Mathieson
Nyamuti Primary School is a primary school in the rural area of Mount Darwin, Zimbabwe, founded in 1989.  There are 508 students currently attending the school.  Most of the parents are subsistence farmers.  Of the 508 student, 132 are AIDS orphans whom have lost either one or both parents.  Nyamuti has little in the way of supplies and resources.
Nyamuti has 6 block houses with 2 classrooms each, for a total of 12 classrooms.  There are 13 classes at the school for the 508 students, average of 39 students per class.  Therefore, one class was meeting outside each day as there are not enough classrooms at the existing school.  Recognizing the rapid growth of the student population, the construction of another school blockhouse was an urgent need.  Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Whitby Rotary and other Rotary Clubs, including the Rotary Club of Belleville, one additional classroom block has been completed.  The community provided bricks and labour and through Ontario Rotary Clubs and a private donor, the construction is now complete as of July 2018.
Thank you to Dr. Ruth Mathieson and the International Service Committee for their work and effort in ensuring that monies are used wisely, around the world.