Posted by Bill MacKay on Jul 22, 2019
Bill MacKay presented some interesting information on several of our Charter Members who played an important role in our community.   William (Billy) Hume was a local boy who "made good".  He was born in Corbyville, just north of Belleville, and began his business life at the age of 17 when he joined the Corby Distillery as a clerk.  Described as being "ambitious, energetic and reliable" he won early advancement in the firm, being appointed Assistant Distillery manager, then Manager and later Vice-President.  In 1929 when it looked as if Belleville would have no new arena because of lack of funding, Billy Hume donated $50,000 towards the cost of construction of the Memorial Arena, still standing today.  For a time it was known as the Hume Arena.
S. R. (Sandy) Burrows was one of the eight original members of the Belleville Rotary Club in 1914.  Sandy Burrows is remembered for his many sporting activities.  In his younger days he was a star hockey player.  He was a member of the O.H.A. executive board for nine years and when the local arena, built by Rotarian Billy Hume was in danger of closing its doors, Sandy stepped in and purchased it.  Sandy Burrows was best known in Rotary for his impressive baritone voice and his abilities as a song leader.
James V. Jenkins came to Belleville in 1875 when  his brother-in-law purchased the Dafoe House Hotel, one of the finest hotels in central Ontario.  James came to assist in the management of the business.  In 1899 James leased the original Hotel Quinte (which stood on the site of the Dafoe Hotel) from the Belleville Hotel Company.  In 1905 he purchased the hotel outright.  The Hotel Quinte was where the Belleville Rotary Club was formed and where its meetings were held for nearly half a century.  Sadly, the hotel was destroyed by fire in 1907 and Mr. Jenkins immediately rebuilt a bigger and better Hotel Quinte.
William Ritchie McCreary in his early years was closely connected with the cheese industry.  He was a buyer for a large export firm on the old Belleville Cheese Board for many years and later purchased a small steamer and carried on a shipping business to Montreal.  He started a trucking business and obtained a contract from the Liquor Control Board of Ontario to deliver stock to various stores in this area of the province.  The trucking company he started was later purchased by another Belleville Rotarian, Dick Baker of Canada Transport Group and President of the Rotary Club in 1985 - 86.