Joanne Wheeler had the privilege of introducing Carol-Lynn Burnett-Michaud.  She has known Carol for many years and many stories over the course of those years. Born in Charlottetown PEI, Carol-Lynn was the middle child which she loved.  She has an older brother and sister and a younger brother  and sister. Her grandparents immigrated from Scotland, her grandfather buying the Charlottetown Guardian Newspaper,, the Island's daily morning newspaper where her father and brothers worked over the years.  Rotary has always been near and dear to "Burnett" hearts.  Her grandfather was a Charter member of the Rotary Club of Charlottetown.  Her father (Ian) was a Rotarian in Charlottetown and Guelph.  Her cousin Kathy was the first woman Rotarian in the Charlottetown Club.  Carol-Lynn and her family moved to Guelph, Ontario in 1958 again owning a daily newspaper there.  Following high school, Carol-Lynn entered the nursing program at Woodstock General Hospital and upon graduating moved to Belleville with her parents where she took a position at Picton Memorial Hospital. Carol-Lynn's focus in nursing was in Intensive Care and she applied for the ICU diploma program in Winnipeg and attended Western University, always learning and applying her skills first to teach at Loyalist College in the nursing program before taking a position as Director of Nursing in Collingwood.
But nursing would not be her only career and Carol-Lynn applied to Queen's Law Schooling and articled with O'Flynn Weese and Tausenfreund. Carol-Lynn accepted an offer to partner with Yvonne Bond in the area of medical malpractice, although that was short-lived.  But it was through that connection that Carol-Lynn met Bob, fell in love, got married and became a grandparent through Bob's boys. She closed her law practise and took a position with the Office of the Children's lawyer so she could work from home and when Bob retired, she reduced her workload.   But Bob sensed her restlessness and encouraged her to write a book that she had always been talking about.  So she did.  Bob never got to read the final edit.  He was however convinced she would make a million dollars after reading an early draft.
She just finished writing and editing the novel this past year and have started on the path of trying to get it published.  Although she is not confident that it will happen she knows that Bob is cheering for her.