The Anne Leverton Award was created a number of years ago to recognize a Rotarian who shows exemplary leadership and efforts during RLK and Party In The Square.  Someone who goes above and beyond.  David Allen, Chair of the 2020 RLK golf tournament was very pleased to virtually present the 2020 Anne Leverton Award to Pat Feasey.  For years, Pat has been the volunteer coordinator to scout out and secure volunteers for the golf tournament as well as for the party afterwards, not an easy task, but one that Pat embraced.  Simply put, the event couldn't be done without Pat's contribution, year after year.  Past recipients of the award include Bernie Ouellet, Jamie Trudeau, Dan Dickinson, Connie Reid, Greg Knudsen, Kelly McKinney, Sam Brady and now Pat Feasey's name will be included on the trophy.  Congratulations Pat, a well deserved recognition and award.