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Founding Members

The Charter members were Gordon Moffatt, E.Gus Porter Q.C. (first president of the Club), Sandy Burrows, Billy Doyle, Billy Deacon, Bill Schuster, Veena Hymen, Jimmie Bone, Harry Ackerman, Fred Smith, Vince Doyle, Billy Adams, Stan Carman, Phay Wills, Perce Allen, Bill McCreary, Oswald Scott, Mackenzie Robertson, Jim Jenkins, Mose Clarke, Lorne Marsh, Charles Reid, Billy Hume, and Dr. Bob Tennent.

W.B. Deacon acted as Chairman of the dinner meeting and immediately became referred to as "Chairman Bill." Billy Doyle acted as Secretary. Mayor Riggs extended the Freedom of the City to the visitors and presented a golden key as its symbol. Jimmie Bone extended greetings as President of the Chamber of Commerce. The main address was given by Harry Stanton in his capacity as President of the Rotary Club of Toronto and District Governor. Thanks to the speakers was tendered by Bill Deacon.