Peter Annis had the pleasure of introducing the Mayor of Belleville, his Worship Taso Christopher, a 1st generation Canadian, born and raised in Belleville.  Taso has lived in Corbyville for many years, and has also been a member of Council for the past eight years.  He was appointed to the Belleville Police Services Board, served on the Waterfront and Ethnic Festival Committee, the Greek Community Board of Directors, the Library Board among others.  He is a Quinte Secondary School graduate and co-owner of Four Season’s Sports.  Taso doesn't shy away from the tough questions and has been part of the City of Belleville's progress for a decade.
Taso claimed to be more of an information person than a speech person, but promised to provide a picture of where we are, where we are going and how we will get there.  He is pleased to represent himself and his fellow councillors at Rotary today.   He has been closely involved with new projects in Quinte such as the Wellness Centre, the new Courthouse, the doctor recruitment program, and is an integral member of the newly formed Infrastructure Task Force.  This Task Force will be responsible for executing the plans that have been created and reporting regularly to City Council.
Taso provided the following information and update on our city:
  • Build Belleville has completed 200 projects to date
  • 200+ acres of industrial land have been prepared for industry in the east end of town
  • Proctor and Gamble have opened a new production line and is the gateway to the industrial park
  • Halla Climate is celebrating its 25th Anniversary in the City
  • The new Williams Hotel will soon be completed, bringing new development on Bell Boulevard
  • Panera Bread is now open
  • Zeller's property is being redeveloped
  • Strathcona Energy Group with an operation in Napanee is opening a second site on Sidney Street
  • Three (3) residential towers will be built at the foot of Coleman and Dundas
  • the City has invested in solar power that saves energy and time and generates revenue
Taso closed by emphasizing the importance of infrastructure.  “Infrastructure growth will bring economic growth.  It doesn’t happen the other way around”.  Taso's promise is that 2015 will be a year of implementation........on time and on budget.  Cory MacKay thanked Mayor Christopher for his presentation and his contributions to many projects and committees, including the Police Services Board.